16. October 2018 - 16:00 till 19:00
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Regional Meeting - Zurich | PvL Partners | Tuesday, 16. October 2018

You are invited!Human Synergistics Regional Meetings, 2018
We understand that, in order be successful in creating Constructive Cultures, we need to empower YOU.
To do this we would like to offer you:- Knowledge- Skills- Experience Knowledge: from Human Synergistics:- new insights from data and research- inter-connections between and across HS tools- best practices and success factors for creating real culture change in 90 days Skills: from our most experienced Accredited Consultants:- meet with and learn from other practitioners´ use of HS tools- learn from their experiences, share best practices and network- top practices for introducing “Culture” in the sales process Experience: from real European client cases:- hear from companies and leaders involved in creating successful culture change- understand what top organizations are looking for from Culture and Leadership development- learn what it takes to get buy-in and drive desired  changes forward