04. November 2019 - 8:30
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Applying ISO14971 / IEC62304 / IEC62366-1 - A Practical Guide On How To Implement Risk Management : 3-day In-Person Seminar | Zürich | Monday, 04. November 2019

Risk management is a mandatory and necessary process during the entire device life. Not only will it help to design and maintain devices efficiently, but it also ensures that the device will be as safe as possible and prevents harms to patients, users, and the environment.
Like any process that tries to produce repeatable and consistent results, the risk management process must be clearly understood, including the strengths but also the limitations.
By attending this seminar you will learn the main elements of ISO 14971, ISO 13485, IEC62304, IEC62366-1/-2, risk management life cycle steps and benefits, and FDA software reviewers' guidance.
Learning Objectives:
Upon completing this course participants should:

Understand the risk management process, the activities, and deliverables as well as the organization framework necessary
Be able to Interpret and discuss the requirements of ISO 14971
Develop a risk analysis framework document
Be able to conduct risk analysis team meetings
Recognize how and where to use the various techniques during the design life cycle.
Understand how to apply ISO 14971 into development process
Know how to document your Risk Management
Explain how your Risk Management system fits into quality system and business practices.
Perform risk assessments effectively

Who Will Benefit:
This course is relevant to managers, supervisors, QA / RA, and design/system engineers. Even experienced personnel will benefit from the "across industry" perspective and the illustration of standard practices that only a presenter with extensive experience in more than 100 projects can provide. Specific positions that would benefit are:

Senior Quality Managers
Quality Professionals
Regulatory Professionals
Compliance Professionals
Project managers
Risk managers
Engineering management
Quality Assurance personnel
System and design engineers
Software Engineers
Usability Engineers
Verification / validation personnel
Production Managers
Quality Engineers
Quality Auditors
Medical Affairs Professionals

Speaker :

Markus WeberPrincipal Consultant, System Safety, Inc.

Markus Weber, Principal Consultant with System Safety, Inc., specializes in safety engineering and risk management for critical medical devices. Mr. Weber graduated from Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany with a MS in Electrical Engineering. Before founding System Safety, Inc., he was a software safety engineer for the German approval agency, TUV. Since 1991, he has been a leading consultant to the medical device industry on safety and regulatory compliance issues, specifically for active and software-controlled devices.
In conjunction with the FDA, he has published works on risk management issues and software-related risk mitigations. He has helped multiple companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms.
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