04. June 2018 - 6:00
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Marriage Celebration Club Registration | Online Registration | Monday, 04. June 2018

This  Exclusive VIP 5 Star Membership includes all club activities, events and has available for your use Club luxury transportation rentals to include yachts, sport cars, Ferrari limousines, super stretch limousines, private islands, castle stays, private chefs, butler services, 5 star resorts worldwide, Lear jets, and helicopters.  Attend Club sponsored formal events, yacht parties, splash parties, married celebrity hosted events, castle parties, charity events and fashion shows.  Take your spouse out more often with the best dining out discount debit cards or coupons anywhere and participate in worldwide shopping sprees with discounts up to 80% off. Our club members have more fun than you can think of for yourself.  Meet and make new friends with other married couples as you travel to other club events worldwide.  Your wish is at our command.