18. December 2021 - 15:09
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12-18-21 Animal Liberation Day | Lincoln Memorial | Saturday, 18. December 2021

Animal Liberation Day

Either animals will be liberated or civil disobedience will be escalated to make it impossible to continue abusing animals.

The purpose of 12-18-21 is to give animal rights activists a specific date upon which the expectation will be that the world will go vegan or we will all unite in an effort to take things to a new level of activism. One aspect of this escalation is that the continuation of supporting the current status quo of animal abuse and slaughter will become too costly and impossible to maintain through actions that will not result in physical harm to people but rather will cause the cost of being in an industry related to selling the bodies, skins or secretions of animals to be more than is supportable. And taking actions that result in the harm to wild animals will be equally unsupportable.

It will also be about increasing pressure upon all humans to make more ethical choices by making sure that no one can safely shop for these items without someone being there to inform them where these products come from.

Additionally, we will demand the same rights for animals currently domesticated as household pets that a child would receive within that family.

12-18-21 is about beginning an all-out civil disobedience campaign against abuses of animals in any form in such a manner that ignoring this issue will be impossible and confronted with the many faces of abuse, the world will quickly move to correct this long standing omission of civil rights.