08. October 2017 - 16:00 till 18:00
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Autumn SOUP Social | Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center | Sunday, 08. October 2017

The next SOUP Social is here and we're ready to help make another idea reality at this crowdfunding dinner. $5 in cash at the door gets you dinner and a vote.

Soups by:
Chef Erika, Registry Bistro
Chef Eric, Rosie's Italian Grille
Chef Aaron, Brim House

Bread provided by All Crumbs Bakery

1) Michael Schiewer, Herbaceous Greenhouse
2) Rachel Richardson, Toledo Loves Love Media Campaign
3) Cori Branyan, Divinitist Order Sustainable Living Workshop
4) Melanie ***, Holiday Angels Toledo

Eric Chase and Meaghan Mick

4 p.m.
Doors Open

4:30 p.m.
Watch Presentations
4 presenters share their idea in 4 minutes and answer 4 questions.

~5 p.m.
Eat, Discuss, and Vote
Grab food, chat with presenters and neighbors, pick your favorite.

by 6 p.m.
Winner Announced
Winner takes home your (and everyone's) $5s, up to $1500!

Keep an eye out for the bake sale's delicious desserts and a raffle full of goodies from local businesses! Cash bar available.
  • Chef Profile 2 of 3: Chef Erika, Registry Bistro - Chef Erika Rapp started her culinary career at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. She’s lead the kitchen in restaurants from Dallas, TX to Toledo, OH where she opened Registry Bistro in 2012. This time of year, says Chef Erika, soup is especially comforting. “It’s welcoming and soothing -- great way to start a meal, or a perfect meal on its own.” Working with Toledo Soup is a natural fit for Chef Erika. “One of my favorite stories when I was a child was Stone Soup. It’s about a stranger coming into a village and setting a pot of water over a fire. He takes out a large stone from his pack, adds it to the pot and starts stirring. One by one, curious villagers come by and add something to his pot -- carrots, a chicken, some herbs. Everyone adds what they can and the village has a feast. This story reminds me of Toledo Soup -- everyone adding a little bit to the pot help the community in a substantial way.” We couldn’t agree more! And we couldn’t be more excited to try her Roasted Pumpkin and Porter soup!
  • Sounds like fun, I will try to make it. Is there parking around there?
  • Chef Profile 1 of 3: Chef Aaron, Brim House - Chef Aaron Lawson has a wealth of experience in the culinary world. He started his career at Johnson & Wales University in North Carolina, and his kitchen experiences have taken him all over the country, including Tru Chicago, Per se New York, Green Briar Resort in West Virginia, Plum Market in Michigan and right here at the Hollywood Casino in Toledo. The genre of soup, Chef Aaron says, allows the creator to be “completely creative and seasonally focused.” As for participating in Toledo Soup, he is “excited to be giving back to the community.” Chef Aaron will be serving up a Whiskey & Beer Cheese Soup with Crème Fraiche and Roasted Croutons that will surely warm your belly, and your heart.
  • Meet autumn SOUP presenter #4... Melanie ***, Holiday Angels Toledo Holiday Angels Toledo assists families with Christmas and the homeless with backpacks and blessing bags. Having helped 89 families their first year, they are looking to expand and help families gain the resources needed to be able to stand on their own two feet. They will use the SOUP microgrant to obtain 501 status. See the full presentation October 8th at Sofia Quintero on Broadway!
  • Meet autumn SOUP presenter #3... Cori Branyan, Divinitist Order Sustainable Living Workshop The goal will be to introduce students to various cultures and communities who are living/have lived sustainably. The classes will be centered around an arts and craft project characteristic of the particular culture or community being studied. The microgrant will go toward the creation of the course curriculum, tools and supplies, as well as the cost of attendance for 10 students and payment to teachers/artists. See the full presentation October 8th at Sofia Quintero on Broadway!
  • Meet autumn SOUP presenter #2... Rachel Richardson, Toledo Loves Love Media Campaign Art Corner Toledo (ACT), LLC and Right Half Media, LLC will conduct a media campaign to promote Toledo/Lucas County as a welcoming and inclusive community for all. With The Love Wall as a backdrop, they will shoot a series of photographs and video highlighting Toledoans who are marginalized or targeted at a time in history when hateful rhetoric, acts of intimidation, and white supremacist terror attacks are rising, putting the rights and safety of diverse community members increasingly at risk. See the full presentation October 8th at Sofia Quintero on Broadway!
  • Meet autumn SOUP presenter #1... Michael Schiewer, Herbaceous Greenhouse Their goal is to build a greenhouse for supplying goods year round with a local, organic herb farm that supplies both professional chefs and home cooks with product so fresh it is picked and delivered the same day by the same hands. They are Ohio's first and only all herb (culinary) farm and would like to put up the greenhouse this fall or next spring. See the full presentation on October 8th at Sofia Quintero on Broadway.
  • Wish I could be in attendance but I will be celebrating my little sister at the Baby Shower I am throwing her. Everyone please feel free to tell me how delicious everything is!