18. June 2018 - 18:45 till 21:00
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Introduction To DrivenWoman - a women's LifeWorking group in Thawil | Creative Café | Monday, 18. June 2018

DrivenWoman is a network for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals.
Dreams don’t come true because it’s difficult to stick to our own plans.
But imagine if you actually achieved what you always wanted. Launched that business, wrote that novel, made that career change, lived a bigger life – how amazing would that be?
DrivenWoman is a members’ network that helps women define their own success, become accountable to their goals and make dreams happen. We get together once a month to create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time.

LifeWorking Method
This is where networking meets life coaching, but this time your coaches are other women sharing their journey. The really powerful thing about going through the shared experience of ‘LifeWorking’ is that it impacts directly on your positivity and belief in your own potential. Instead of the sense of isolation you may have felt before, you will be inspired by the stories of other participants and will soon notice that the obstacles you thought were unique to you are universal to most women, and can be overcome.
There aren’t any other forums like this where women support each other in such a safe and honest environment. It's a community that encourages women to believe anything is possible if you are ready to put work into it!

Join our Lifeworking™ Workshop where you will:
- Articulate what you want to achieve – what does your ‘bigger life’ look like?
- Set your long-term goal and short-term tasks, and break them down into tangible, achievable action points you can tackle
- Share and hear stories of other like-minded women. Be inspired by the stories of other participants and notice that the obstacles you thought were unique to you are universal to most women.
- Get a sense of clarity of your journey ahead, be it to start your own business, take your career to the next level or simply to become more comfortable in your own skin.
There is no commitment to join DrivenWoman afterwards. Just come along.
That’s what DrivenWoman is all about. Encouraging everyone to make things happen!

Group Leader

Sophie Evans is a certified Group Leader for DrivenWoman Switzerland. Sophie is a British mum of two young children and lives with her husband Adam in Thalwil. Originally from Malvern in the UK, Sophie holds a degree in Japanese from the University of Oxford and before her children came along she had a successful career working for the professional services firm KPMG in London and Lausanne, and more recently at the World Economic Forum in Geneva. She speaks fluent Japanese and French. She is a keen violinist and loves to spend time in the great Swiss outdoors with her family as well as crafting and reading when time allows! In April 2017 Sophie realised her dream of setting up her own music business by launching Music Together Alpine, offering music and movement classes to babies and toddlers from 0 - 5 and the adults who love them. Sophie credits Driven Women with helping her to take this bold step forwards and continues to be an active member of the Driven Women's group in Zug. It is her passion and belief in the DrivenWomen concept that has led her to set up a chapter along the Zurich Silver Coast.  
DrivenWoman Switzerland
DrivenWoman Switzerland is a new addition to the dynamic group of DrivenWomen who meet regularly around the world (in London, Helsinki, Singapore and Auckland to name but a few). Attendance at an introduction event is mandatory for membership. Introductions are organised every month in Zürich.
We offer 6 or 12-month memberships and you can join in any month suitable for you.  Membership packages are available for 6 months – CHF480 or 12 months – CHF850. The fee covers the attendance to the Monthly Members’ Meetings and 25% discount on other DrivenWoman events, such as workshops and seminars.
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