13. June 2020 - 14:30 till 18:30
Strathmore Centre Market, Strathmore
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The Strathmore Hopper and Market | Saturday, 13. June 2020


- The purpose of the Strathmore Hopper is to make locals and visitors aware of all the businesses and services available in Strathmore

- To encourage people to shop local knowing what a wealth of service and support is available within the town.

- To bring the community together and instill a sense of belonging between all, from the eldest resident to the youngest, from the longest term resident to the newest, from the most frequent visitor to the first time visitor.

- At our March market meeting everyone present could share something that gave Strathmore a special place in their heart; we want this event to help draw these treasures out!


1. Participants collect their Passport to Strathmore.

Pick up from the Strathmore Centre Market table in the Strathmore Centre (the Old CO-OP), 320 Second Street, Strathmore, Alberta any time from 10am onwards on April 4th.

2. Participants hop around all the participating businesses and market vendors with their Passport to Strathmore and get a stamp, sticker or signature from each business. No purchase is required.

3. Participants post their completed Passport to Strathmore in the hopper box on the Strathmore Centre Market table by 3pm on April 4th.

4. At 3.30pm in the Strathmore Centre we will draw for the winners. Multiple prizes are available; these have been kindly donated by local businesses.

We will let everyone know the prizes ahead of time on our Facebook page along with information about the donating business.

We will stream the draw on our Facebook page www.facebook.comstrathmorecentremarket but everyone is welcome to join us on location.


1. Please be mindful that businesses and vendors are conducting business during this event.

2. Be respectful of businesses, vendors and their customers and be prepared to wait in line while a customer is being served.

3. Thank the participating businesses and vendors.

4. Stop and ask questions to learn more about the business.

5. Families are more than welcome to participate, this is a great opportunity to introduce different professions to your children and to teach them about how businesses work and why we need to be respectful.

In the lead up to this event one of our organizers (who has two very young and very lively children of her own!!) will share ways to bring your children along with you to events like this, and ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone participating from the eldest to the very youngest!

6. This event is open to everyone and does not have age restrictions. With the prizes however, some are not geared toward children, as such, each passport must be signed by a responsible ***** and the prize must be collected by such person.


We look forward to seeing you all on April 4th and are looking for lots of enthusiastic participation from everyone!

If you are a downtown Strathmore Business and would like to participate, please contact email.

If you are a Strathmore business not located in the downtown core but would like a table at the market to promote your business and participate in the Strathmore Hopper please email email.

If your business would like to donate a prize in order to gain presence in this event please email email.