16. May 2018 - 12:00
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NEW RELEASE: Peaceful Moments by Aliza McCracken at Chaucer's Bookstore | Chaucer's Bookstore | Wednesday, 16. May 2018

We are thrilled to offer a uniquely designed book called, Peaceful Moments: Creative Affirmations for Your Heart and Soul.
In this lovely creation, beloved visual artist and author, Aliza McCracken shares a vignette of beautiful artistry complemented with hopeful messages for reawakening your passion and deepening your connection to an abundant life.  You may rediscover the joy of inspiring moments and living more peacefully everyday.
Aliza shared this meaningful affirmation with us from her new book, "Life is the art of painting with amazing grace.  Similar to a beautiful masterpiece, our lives can become works of art one moment at a time." 
This enlightening book makes a wonderful gift for yourself and everyone on your wish list.  Additionally, a portion of every book sale will benefit fine arts, educational, and humanitarian programs.  
If you would like to learn more about Aliza's artistry, please visit the online gallery at www.alizamccracken.com.  Thanks so much for your kind support. We love and appreciate you!
Peaceful Moments Book ISBN 978-0-9667291-6-0
Copyright 2018 Artwork courtesy of Aliza McCracken

"Thank you for your sweetness.  You have inspired me with your honesty and warm reception of an admirer such as myself.  Your artwork is stunning.  Not as stunning as the spirit within the artist.  Many blessings and peace upon your life I pray.  You are a superb example of overcoming and encouragement.  You are a lovely, giving soul."  
- Christine 
"This book is absolutely beautiful!  You are simply amazing.  Thank you for sharing your talent with us!"  
- Lisa
"Your work is brilliant.  I hope it reaches a million people!"  
- Diane
"Now more than ever everyone needs to embrace positivity!"  
- Sam
"Thank you so much for the gorgeous artwork!  We have it proudly displayed in our office for all to admire and enjoy.  Your talent and generosity of spirit are very much appreciated.  Thanks again for bringing smiles to our day with your work of art!" 
- Felicia
"Wonderful job!  Thanks for spreading positivity and kindness!"  
- Ed