27. June 2020 - 10:00
Online, Online
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The WERKout x Floor WERK | Saturday, 27. June 2020

Fun, high energy dance fitness class followed by abs, ****, and thigh toning

About this Event

So you love the WERKout!?? Me too!! The WERKout Express and Floor WERK is a quick blast of the WERKout followed by a floor class focusing on abs, back, and ****! So, after getting a 30-minute, non stop, hip hop/soca/r&b style dance fitness class that is high energy, smile inducing, and a “your body can’t help but move” good time, you can get some of this Floor WERK!

This WERKout not only burns tons of calories, but you will leave feeling good, joyful, and ready for the day!

See you there!

Dance is for every/body!

*If you have taken my classes, and love them of course ;), there are also class packages available on my new website----> everybodyshine.com