19. August 2020 - 18:00 till 19:30
Online, Online
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***** Learning: What Matters Most? | Wednesday, 19. August 2020

How adults best learn and grow.

About this Event

Have you ever led a small group, Bible study, or discipleship gathering and thought to yourself, “How could I make this better?”

Understanding and adjusting for how adults best learn and grow is the secret sauce for engagement. Most of us have a lot of un-learning to do because of years of formal schooling with some kind of a “sage on a stage” or expert teacher. How can we pay more attention to the adults we want to encourage and lead?

This session is for all ***** leaders responsible for leading groups of any size, or for equipping others to lead. We encourage you to use this session as a “TRAINING AND EQUIPPING” resource for discussion among your team.

Are you open to reconsidering how to best engage adults for greater participation, application, connection, reflection, and joy? There ARE best practices for leading adults. We will share those with you and offer examples for immediate application.

This will be fast-paced, and consider the virtual dynamics (online gatherings) as you prepare for the fall ministry season. We encourage you to invite others!

Led by Dr. Pamela Edwards, Phd, ***** Learning; and Rob Loane, President, VantagePoint3