17. July 2020 - 16:30
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Is Your Financial Ship Seaworthy? - Iowa, IA | Friday, 17. July 2020

Covid-19 has made it clear that our finances and understanding of money leaves much to be desired. This event is an opportunity for change.

About this Event

Is Your Financial Ship Seaworthy?

Recent events (50 million unemployed people) have made it obvious that we don't know how to play the money game.

Knowing the rules of the money game highlights two tax positions. Taxes for the informed (wealthy) and taxes for the uninformed (everyone else).

Winning the money game requires understanding and applying the rules of the game. If we cannot survive a few months without adequate income, how can we hope to survive retirement without proper planning?

What kind of lifestyle does the future hold for us if we don't change our financial habits and behavior?

To experience a better financial journey there are questions we need to ask ourselves:

  • Are we financially educated? Do we know how to make money work in our favor?
  • Is our financial ship, seaworthy?
  • Before our ship sets sail are we certain that it can travel our required and desired distance?
  • Can our ship (what we keep, not earnings) safely navigate certain waters (everyday life occurrences) that we will encounter over the course of our travels to our desired destination (financial wellbeing, financial security, financial freedom)?

A Seaworthy Solution:

Are you interested in earning while learning? Attend our business presentation and position yourself to win the money game. Join our crusade and earn while learning from the comfort of your full-time job or other commitments. Progress is moving closer towards your desired goal. Join our fight against poverty and social inequality. Join our cause. Become a campaigner. Help educate to liberate and attain financial freedom for yourself, family, and loved ones. The first family to help is yours!


Are You Working For Money? Or Is Money Working ForYou?

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