08. July 2020 - 5:00
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How qualitative research can help you build a consumer-centric brand | Wednesday, 08. July 2020

We all place so much emphasis on building consumer-centric brands but how much do we truly know about our current consumers?

About this Event

This is a prerecorded event available to view online.


We all place so much emphasis on building consumer-centric brands but how much do we truly know about our current consumers? Or even our future consumers?

When you’re swimming in Facebook data, Google data, and brand tracking data, it can be easy to think you know your audience, but what do you really understand about the human motivations and needs driving those data points?

In this session we’ll explore how qualitative and mixed-methodology research can complement deep data and uncover actionable insight to help you build meaningful brand offerings. We’ll share practical examples of the benefits and applications of qualitative research, drawing upon principles of behavioural economics and immersive research techniques.

In such a rapidly changing consumer context, it’s now more important than ever to understand how your consumers are thinking, feeling and behaving. So if you’re curious about getting up close and personal with your target audience, if you’re grappling with a big positioning or comms challenge, or if you think qual research is just about fusty focus groups – then this session is for you, however big or small your brand.

This session where will cover…

- Qualitative vs quantitative research: what, when and why

- The benefits of qual research: the business challenges it can help tackle

- How to get the most out of qual research: from scoping, to sample design, to immersive research methodologies, to disseminating insight within your team

- Common misconceptions and myths around qualitative research

- Lots of practical advice, frameworks & examples from real world case studies

The Speaker:

Delphi is a Director at Humankind Research, an integrated qualitative & quantitative insight agency that helps brands tackle their biggest positioning, innovation and communication challenges. She has over 10 years’ experience in brand strategy, marketing and insight, and is a huge believer in using deep human & cultural insight to build brilliant brands. She’s worked both agency side and brand side, for brands big and small, including Diageo, Estee Lauder, adidas, Unilever, allplants and DAME.

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