24. August 2017 - 20:00 till 22:00
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Shakeslesque Extended and Better THAN EVER | Three Clubs | Thursday, 24. August 2017

THE EXTENSION: After Winning "Top of Fringe" and "Best Cabaret/Variety Show" at this Hollywood Fringe '17 the Cherries have hunkered down and perfected the story, added a few numbers, streamlined the show and are bringing you a two act Musical Theatre Queerlesque Cabaret experience!
THE SHOW: “William Sexspeare” stumbles, heavily inebriated, through the woods into The Knock Shop, a dilapidated yet musical whorehouse where he picks an evening companion who promises to inspire creativity. It’s an easy pick as he is experiencing a terrible case of writer’s block. He falls asleep, has an **** (albeit this part a bit blurry), and is at some point drugged. Any which way, his *****/Jiminy Cricket, “F*ck”, is now calling him King ***** and introducing him to his three daughters, “Lady Macbreast”, “Juliewet” and “Beabitch”. It would seem before Shakes wrote the plays we know today; the characters were dreadfully mixed and matched inside his brain. Unbeknownst to you, each character you loved, feared, or hadn’t met yet, once resided in “The Knock Shop-upon-Avon”…or did they? Will “Sexspeare” ever write again? Who is “Ham-on-Rye”? How did “Shakeslesque Hill” survive “Tightass Androgynous”? All this and more can be answered by getting your tush in a glitter covered seat…NOW!

Written and Directed by Alli Miller and Sarah Haworth-Hodges
Choreographed by Alli Miller, Sarah Hawroth-Hodges, Rebecca Reaney, Brin Hamblin, Heath Butler and Sarah Wines
Costumes by Kelly Stevenson and Alli Miller
Musical Arrangements by Sandy Chao Wang