07. October 2019 - 7:30
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4th Annual Uplifting Men/Boys and Women/Girls of Color in California Conference 2019 - Two Day Convening on Monday 10.7.18 and Tuesday 10.8.18 | The California Endowment | Monday, 07. October 2019

 2019 Community Intelligence and the Making Connections Network present:
 Conference Theme:
 4th Annual Uplifting Men and Boys & Women and Girls of Color in California Conference
 Conference Learning Goal & Objectives:
 Please consider joining us for a two-day conference focused on uplifting men/boys and women/girls of color in California.  This year the event has been expanded to encompass two days. 

Day One (10/7/19) will focus exclusively on uplifting Men/Boys of Color.
Day Two (10/8/19) will focus exclusively on uplifting Women/Girls of Color.  

 Like the 2017 & 2018 events, the goal of the two-day 2019 conference is to convene a diverse set stakeholders whose work is focused on uplifting men/boys and women/girls (MBOC/WGOC) of color. 
Conference Learning Objectives:
After participating in this conference attendees will be able to (1) describe and list key public health, mental health, and socioeconomic issues impacting men/boys and women/girls of color; (2) discuss barriers, challenges, and solutions for uplifting MBOC/WGOC of color; (3) describe and analyze opportunities to advance and uplift MBOC/WGOC and achieve  My Brothers’ Keeper/My Sister’s Keeper-related goals/objectives; (4) analyze strategic approaches to uplifting MBOC/WGOC; and, (5) evaluate and prioritize promising practices for uplifting MBOC/WGOC and accomplishing MBK-related objectives. 
 Who Should Attend?
 People/organizations working to uplift Men/Boys & Women/Girls of Color and My Brother’s Keeper should consider attending.  A continental breakfast and lunch will be served and snacks, tea and coffee will be available to registered attendees throughout the day.
 Monday October 7th, 2019 and Tuesday October 8th, 2019
 For more information: 
email 'intelligence@communityintelligence.org' or 'randalhenry@communityintelligence.org;