16. December 2017 - 19:30 till 21:30
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35mm nitrate! Jules Dassin's Night and the City | UCLA Film & Television Archive | Saturday, 16. December 2017

News of the Day (11/15/1950)

Vol. 22, No. 221

Robert A. Taft is re-elected to the Senate; revolutionaries are rounded up in Puerto Rico; the Russian Foreign Minister helps celebrates 33rd anniversary of the Communist revolution; and Joe Dimaggio visits Japan.

35mm, b/w, 7 min.


Nitrate print!
Teacher's Pest (1950)

A young owl on the way to his first day of kindergarten runs across a hungry wolf who eager to teach the lad some culinary lessons.

35mm nitrate, IB Technicolor, 7 min. Director: Izzy Sparber. Cast: Mae Questel, Sid Raymond, Cecil Roy.


Nitrate print!
Night and the City (1950)

Jules Dassin’s essential film noir opens with Harry Fabian, an expat, small-time American hustler, on the run through darkened London streets. In a real sense, Fabian, played by Richard Widmark with doom behind his eyes, never stops, lurching from one scam to the next, betting each new betrayal will get him out of the last. Director Jules Dassin uses London’s *****-scarred cityscape to accentuate the film’s fatalism.

35mm nitrate, b/w, 96 min. Director: Jules Dassin. Cast: Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, Googie Withers, Hugh Marlowe, Francis L. Sullivan.


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