26. May 2018 - 20:00
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Radwaste CD-Taufe "War Within" & Hellvetica LIVE | Met-Bar Lenzburg | Saturday, 26. May 2018

Sie sind züruck!

Satte 8 Jahre nach ihrem Debut stellen euch die „Backstreet Boys“ des Heavy Metal endlich ihre zweite Platte „War Within“ vor. Schöner, charmanter, besser und bodenständiger als jemals zuvor präsentieren sich die 4 Herren auf ihrer neuen Platte. 48 Minuten voller Liebe und Zärtlichkeit – ein bunter Strauss lieblicher Melodien, gepaart mit der brutalen Härte wütender Koalabären.
Erlebt diese sagenumwobene Gewalt live und in Farbe exklusiv in der Met-Bar. Begleitet von niemand geringerem als dem preisgekrönten Blas(t)orchester „Hellvetica“. Ein Abend über welchen sich sogar eure Enkelkinder noch wundern werden!

Eintritt: 15.00 CHF
Doors: 20.00 Uhr

A mix of catchy riffs with lickety-split guitar solos and vocal lines which easily stand comparison with the old masters. Simply put: Metal with an attitude that doesn't only bring every head to the bang but also makes girls' hearts beat faster.
The band was founded 2008 by 4 guys from Swiss Aarau area to merge their love for Heavy Metal – in a basement near two nuclear plants and a nuclear research institute. It didn't take them long to write CRISPY and ****** tight metal songs, influenced by such bands as Nevermore, Megadeth and Exodus.
Two aspects of this band stand out remarkably: the big charisma of frontman Daniel Jerosch and the immaculate guitarwork. All these aspect added up to the prominence and acceptance of the band, which were reflected in their de-facto sold-out headlining record release show in late 2010.

Now they're finally returning with some brand new material for all you filthy headbangers to enjoy. Taking some Arch Enemy, Sylosis or Machine Head into account, the band has evolved as a whole, delivering a new experience with heavier, nastier tunes. Groove and melody form an elegant poem of brutality, representing the best these 4 lads have to offer today.
"War within" will be available on May 26th – so come get some!

Our Locals from Lenzburg, were formed in 2004 by five friends with the idea to create a project in which all their musical interests could be brought under one hat. Since then they play a mix between modern Thrash / Death metal with some ******** and punk elements. Headbanger riffs meet fast mosh parts that get combined with some melodic parts. This mixture gets rounded off with the aggressive Vocal work.