02. August 2020 - 12:30 till 14:30
Tickets finden, Healdsburg
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Online Professional Structural Yoga Therapeutics Aug 2-Dec 13 | Sunday, 02. August 2020

Dates: Aug 2-9-16-23-30

September 20 -27

Recap October 1st 9.30- 11.30 am PCT

October 4-11-18-25

November 1-8-15-22-29

December 6-13

This is level 1 of SYT. The curriculum of this level is at the bottom.

A 60 hrs advanced professional teacher training module of the Trilogy Healing Professional Therapeutics Program

(38 hrs online classes & a 1 -2 hour minimum weekly home work)

Required :

#read the structural yoga therapy book & chapter II of Patanjali Yoga Sutra’s as rendered by Mukunda Stiles before starting the course

#Minimum 300 hours Yoga Teacher Certification training

#established in a personal Sadhana for a minimum of 2 years

The 2 hrs online classes include a lecture with a power point presentation, Q & A, and a practice. At the end of each class homework is given that has to be practiced at home to integrate and establish oneself in a personal experience of the material taught.

Structural Yoga™ is a form of classical yoga that allows teachers to adapt yoga to individual needs and provide teachings that translate off the mat into daily life. Structural Yoga™ instructors are trained to teach classes to people with a broad spectrum of needs, from those able to participate in traditional yoga classes to those with movement restriction, injuries or health challenges who require modifications and a very compassionate, healing approach.

Structural Yoga™ relies on a deep respect for the body's innate capacity for safe, healthy movement and healing. This translates to a way of teaching that invites the body to find its own optimal way of moving and building strength, without the use of many props or hands-on corrections that might ultimately hinder self-awareness and the slow, careful development of the muscle structures that are needed to develop a full yoga practice. Structural Yoga students are also gently invited to discover their own yogic path that can carry them through personal challenges, on a path of spiritual growth and transformation. This program is for Yoga Teachers with a minimum of 200 hours certification and for certified Yoga Therapists who wish to expand their understanding about Structural Yoga Therapy.


Self healing

Daily Structural Yoga Therapy complete Sadhana sequence

Developing your own Sadhana

Learning a structured system

Anatomy and biomechanics of movement / kinesiology

Range of motion of all joints

Assessment of the current state of being of your client: visual, verbal, sensory, pranic: body reading, ROM, muscular strength, SI joint, gait, asking the right questions.

Determine top 3 complaints

Hetu: finding the root cause

Interpretation of the assessment - multi dimensional yogic view & Tri-guna

Tools for healing - recommendations adapted to the uniqueness of the person & individual needs

Preparatory poses

Joint Freeing Series adapted to the person: standing, seated, lying down, modifications

Joint Freeing series with focus on 1 restoring normal range of motion , 2 focus on restoring flow of Prana and building a container of Prana 3 focus on improving muscular strength 4 using the JFS as a diagnostic tool to detect muscular and spinal and joint imbalances

Yoga nidra

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Tri-guna and the mind

Pranayama for pain

Mantra, mudra and prayer

These tools help you to advance your yoga practice with a safe, intelligent and well-laid foundation that naturally results in profound personal growth.

Teaching fee $990 / 900 euro

Payment : check/Venmo/ CC/PayPal. Once you confirm you want to sign up I will send you an invoice.

Sign up: email email

The details of the full trilogy professional therapeutic program are on the website https://www.shivashaktiloka.com/professional-teaching.html