04. June 2018 - 0:00
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Geneva Trip 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland | Monday, 04. June 2018

Find out more about ASA's trip to Geneva. Applications are open until January 1. 2018, and we'll post updates and information about the trip here. Feel free to post your own questions!

Apply now by sending a CV and motivation letter (max.500 words) to asainternationallaw@gmail.com. With the motivation letter, you can let us know things like what courses you study and what institutions you want to visit and why.

Every year, ASA International Law, in association with the International Law Department of the University of Amsterdam, organizes a study trip to Geneva, the center of diplomacy!

During our stay, we will have the opportunity to visit some of the most important international organizations and institutions.
The confirmed visits for Geneva Trip 2018 are ICRC, UN, UNCHR and the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands.

You will also have plenty of free time to explore the city!!

Geneva trip 2018 will take place the 4th to 7th of June, and we will be staying in Geneva for 3 nights. The application period will be open until 1st of January.

The cost of the trip will be 200 euros. The price will include hostel accommodation, breakfast, return flights, travel card in Geneva and entrance tickets for the institutions.

We will only have limited number of places available!
  • ASA International Law is currently in the process of updating our website. This means that at least temporarily, the old website address will no longer work. However, it does mean that we have a new shiny site on a working domain name. Check out the new site at https://asaintlaw.wordpress.com/, where we'll continue to post information about upcoming events, you can sign up and get access to any information about the Geneva trip 2018. Thanks for your patience during this time. All our other contact information remains the same.
  • The application is now CLOSED. Those selected will receive an email within the next few weeks! Looking forward to meeting you all :) Ps. If you forgot to submit your application in time, you can still send it, however, it will only be considered if we have spots left!
  • Happy New Year! Though you might still be recovering from yesterday, remember that today is the last chance to apply for ASA's annual Geneva Trip 2018. If you haven't sent us an application yet - now is the time!
  • REMINDER: Application deadline is in 5 days. If you're interested in visiting Geneva with ASA, there's still a bit of time left to apply!!
  • ICRC, UN, the Permanent Representation for the Netherlands and the UNHCR are a part of our agenda for next June. Is there another organization you would love to visit in Geneva? Let us know by email (asainternationallaw@gmail.com) or PM, and we'll see if we can arrange it!!
  • Geneva Trip 2018 will not only allow you to visit the world-famous international organizations to get inspiration for your future career but gives a much-needed break from thesis writing (or uni in general) to enjoy those first warm summer days in Geneva. t miss the application deadline on the 1st of January! Send an email to asainternationallaw@gmail.com with your CV and a brief motivation letter.
  • What are the Dutch doing in Geneva? The office of Permanent Representation of the Netherlands has gladly granted us a chance to visit their office and learn about their involvement in human rights, disarmament, trade and economics, health and humanitarian issues in Geneva and around. Join us for a unique opportunity to see what it is like to work for an international organization as a representative of (your)/a country! Only 12 days to apply!
  • Interested in developing your career in safeguarding the human rights and ensuring the safety and dignity of people fleeing their homes? Join us for the visit to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to hear from first-hand experience what it is like to work with refugees and how the UNCHR is involved in saving lives and building better futures for millions forced from home. Apply for Geneva Trip 2018 before 1st of January.
  • In Geneva, we'll be staying at the Geneva Hostel. Where you'll be enjoying breakfast, short distances to bus/metro stops and 250m walk to the Lake Geneva!! We've strictly limited places available, so, don't forget to apply in time by sending your CV and motivation letter (max.500 words) to asainternationallaw@gmail.com.
  • Palais des Nations is the home of the United Nations in Geneva and our second confirmed visit! The visit will include a tour through the chambers where historical negotiations took place and behind-the-science perspective on current UN activities in Geneva.
  • Hi! This is Katja, your guide in Geneva! I wanted to address some questions about the application process we've received. First of all, don't worry! This is not a job application - we're looking just a few sentences on your background/studies so that we can be totally fair and transparent in our selection criteria process and when we're applying for a grant for this trip. Let us know things like what courses you study and what institutions you want to visit and why.:) We still have spots left - don't forget to apply in time! Any questions pm me or email ASA!
  • Our first visit is confirmed! War & Law: On the second day of our trip, we will visit the International Committee of Red Cross.They will show us an introduction film and provide us with two presentations-discussions about the ICRC's activities in the field and about international humanitarian law to further expand our knowledge of the day-to-day work in helping people affected by armed conflict. Emergencies are unpredictable, so ICRC's rapid deployment capability is hugely important. Interested? There are still spots available!