15. February 2018 - 19:30 till 22:30
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Geneva BlaBla Language Exchange (Every Week) | Le Bouffon de La Taverne | Thursday, 15. February 2018

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How does our event work?
It's so simple. At the entrance, you can ask our team members to guide you to your group.
We have different language groups, for example, you can also learn the local language or improve your skills in Japanese, French, English, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, etc… (Please check our Facebook page).
Even though you are coming to speak Chinese, you are welcome to practice other languages as well, our team members would like to guide you to whichever group you want to.

We have various topics on a paper which will be put on the table, you can choose whatever topic to talk about, to share with group members, as well as games of question- answer. Feel free to talk about what you prefer to, but suggest don't bring political stuff in since we are an international event, we respect differences among our event members, we hope to build up an international event community that embrace the value of friendship.

Quite easy huh?
Join us, making friends and Improving Your language skills.
  • IT'S TONIGHT !!! Please, tell us which language you would like to Speak !!! Feel free to add more anwers :)
  • See you Tomorrow evening at "Le Bouffon de La Taverne" =)
  • Don't forget, we will have our event THIS THURSDAY !!! As always, it's free and the rules didn't changed ! As before, the event is always free (you pay what you order), and everyone is welcome ! The BlaBla Rules - We begin our events with an English group. As soon as two people want to speak the same language and agree to create a group, we separate the event into different groups. We will always have an English and French group, but The other groups available depend on the participants :).
  • We are BACK !!! Attention: We changed the place of our event. See you on Thursday at Le Bouffon de La Taverne / By the way, to help us for our language groups, tell us, where are you from ? Feel free to add more answers :
  • Merci. Je serai présente 😉.
  • Hi guys !!! 🇫🇷 Our International community 🇻🇳 is expanding very quickly everywhere 🌍 around the World ! www.Facebook.com/BlaBlaLanguageExchange If you also want to open an event in your city or join a team already present in your city, it's easy, just contact us! The quickest way is to follow this link, because all the explanations are already given: https://www.blablalanguageexchange.com/become-an-admin-1 You can also contact us via our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/BlaBlaLanguageExchange And by email: BlaBlaLanguageExchange@gmail.com! See you soon =) Florian of the BlaBla Language Exchange Team :)
  • Want to join us in 🇨🇭Switzerland ? Feel free to come in 🇨🇭 Lausanne: www.facebook.com/events/295554270920428 🇨🇭 Neuchâtel: www.facebook.com/events/147690982536063 🇨🇭 Zurich: www.facebook.com/events/645034212336801 By the way, we are looking for more volunteers to reopen our event in Geneva - Just feel free to contact us ! Www.Facebook.com/BlaBlaLanguageExchange !
  • Hello, We are Looking for administrators to help to manage our event in 🇨🇭Geneva & 🇨🇭Neuchâtel ! If you like the BlaBla Community & You are Interested, please feel free to contact us ;)). Thank You very Much, we hope to read you Soon =). Www.Facebook.com/BlaBlaLanguageExchange
  • Good news ! Our event in Neuchâtel will open next week =) https://www.facebook.com/events/1851470351831597
  • Hello !!! We are looking for a new administrator to manage our event as soon as possible. Please, check here for more information - https://www.blablalanguageexchange.com/blabla-become-an-admin
  • 🇮🇹 Learn the top 25 must-know italian phrases 🇮🇹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd2Qvxl5U8M&t=290s
  • Hi everybody =) Tomorrow night, feel free to join us during our Language Exchange event ;). It's free and friendly =) Florian. https://www.facebook.com/events/371710639836506
  • Our event in Geneva (Switzerland). Merçi aux admins: 🇪🇸Marina Jp, 🇨🇭Malik Enemri, Onyeka. https://www.facebook.com/BlaBlaGeneva https://www.facebook.com/BlaBlaLanguageExchange https://www.facebook.com/events/1194846680594490
  • Hey the reservation for the table is on the name of ZIEGLER if our admin (Malik) is late ;)
  • Hello everyone ! Our event is tonight =) Feel free to join us. Which language you would like to speak tonight ? Feel free to add more answers ;)
  • si tu y vas, Myriam Lambert, je viens!!😉😊🎸
  • What a good opportunity pour délier les langues y apprender a conocer otras personas! Connaissez-vous l'agenda des sorties www.colormygeneva.ch actif depuis 2011? En y enregistrant gratuitement votre programmation, vous entrez en contact avec notre communauté de 10'000 jeunes actifs curieux qui attendent vos événements pour organiser leurs sorties & loisirs! Rendez-vous sur le site dès maintenant et cliquez sur le bouton "créer un événement". N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d'infos
  • Yesterday BlaBla language Exchange.
  • Our group BlaBla Language Exchange is Looking for volunteers to manage our events =). Feel free to join our community in your city ;) www.facebook.com/blablalanguageexchange
  • Today's blabla geneva
  • See you tonight guys =) By the way, the name reservation is ZIEGLER, if you don't find us =) https://www.facebook.com/events/1194846680594490
  • Hey Guys, anything for a potential first timer to know before joining?
  • Hello, How are you today ? Our next event is already Wednesday hehehe ;) See you there and don't forget your smile, it's always a pleasure to see you guys =) https://www.facebook.com/events/1194846680594490
  • Our group BlaBla Language Exchange is Looking for volunteers to manage our events =). Feel free to join our community in your city ;) www.facebook.com/blablalanguageexchange
  • Wednesday:)