11. September 2019 - 17:00 till 19:00
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September Public Tour of the Green Farmacy Garden | Jim Duke's Green Farmacy Garden | Wednesday, 11. September 2019

Late summer is a wondrous time to come relax in the garden with a golden hour tour. Come meet and explore the plants in their late summer grandeur and soak in the magic of the Garden.
The flaming days of summer are darkening in daylight but not yet warmth. The hot weather natives are in full bloom, filling the pollinators with the last drops of summer’s sweet tastes. Return of dew drenched mornings lead to lingering balmy afternoons, though the signs of seasons change abound. The solstice blooms are fading and in their place their skeletons host and feed the coming generation of pollinators. The fierce fliers are claiming their last morsels to feed the hive, leaving behind a sprinkling of pollinator petals. And with abundant & joyful sun memories our fulfilled bones are likewise thinking of preparing to turn our energy inwards... but first, one more wave of bountiful blooms to get us through the transition. We look forward to seeing you in the late summer sun to be immersed in the beauty of the plants before their cold weather retreat begins.
Dress for the weather and the possibility of insects.
Books, music, art and plants will be available to take home with donations to the Garden.Joyful hearts & meaningful memories taken home guarenteed.