16. April 2020 - 13:00
Fort Worth, Fort Worth
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CFW Residential Food Scrap Composting Pilot Program | Thursday, 16. April 2020

The Residential Food Scrap Composting Pilot Program is for CITY OF FORT WORTH RESIDENTS ONLY.

Recognizing that the City Landfill is being filled up with many materials that do not belong in there, the City of Fort Worth is advancing initiatives intended to divert materials away from the Landfill that can be either re-used, recycled, mulched or composted. About 30% of all waste currently going into the Landfill could be composted, also reducing excessive methane greenhouse gas emissions into our air, from the decomposing food scraps at the Landfill.

Through small changes in our daily routines, we can help preserve the Landfill capacity for years to come and forestall millions of tax-dollar expenditures with new infrastructure.

Fort Worth residents now have the opportunity to turn even more waste into resources by collecting their food scraps which can be processed into compost —a rich soil nutrient. When composted, food scraps are diverted from your garbage cart and help preserve the life of the City’s landfill.

The subscription fee (one per household) covers participation in the Pilot Program, and includes a program starter kit (kitchen countertop pail, a five-gallon bucket with sealable lid, educational printouts with more details on the program, and a fridge magnet listing the main items that can and cannot be composted).

All fees collected by our Residential Food Scraps Pilot Program will be donated to the advancement of the Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Program.

After your subscription form and payment have been processed and you have been entered into our system, your Composting Starter Kit pick-up will be assigned to a City of Fort Worth Drop-Off Station closest to your residence, and the pick-up instructions will be sent to you through an email which will need to be presented at the assigned pick-up location only for the kit to be released.

Once you have your kit, you’re ready to participate. Just put your daily food scraps in the kitchen pail provided and DO NOT line it with a plastic bag because it contaminates the organic materials. When it’s full, dump the contents into your sealable bucket, which we recommend keeping in your garage or backyard. Once your five-gallon bucket is full, take it to your closest food scrap collection site and empty it into our green composting cart.

Currently we have 12 locations that are collecting food scraps throughout the City. Once the program expands, we may add more.

Public collection sites (FOOD SCRAPS ONLY):

1.Fort Worth Botanic Garden (3220 Botanic Garden Blvd, 76107)

2.Foster Park (4398 Trail Lake Dr., 76109)

3.Fairmount Park (1501 5th Ave, 76104)

4.Hartwood Park (4300-4302 Hartwood Dr., 76109)

5.River Park (3100 Bryant Irvin Road, 76109)

11. Northwest Library (6228 Crystal Lake Dr, TX 76179)

12. City Hall (200 Texas St, 76102)

FOOD SCRAPS COLLECTION ALSO AVAILABLE AT each of the City of Fort Worth Drop-Off Stations: 

6. Brennan DOS (2400 Brennan Avenue, 76106)

7. Southeast DOS (5150 Martin Luther King Freeway, 76119)

8. Old Hemphill DOS (6260 Old Hemphill Road, 76134)

9. Hillshire DOS (301 Hillshire Drive, Haslet 76052)

10. CFW Environmental Collection Center (6400 Bridge St, 76112)