13. April 2018 - 17:00
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Patio Kickoff Weekend | Detroit Fleat | Friday, 13. April 2018

We are opening our Patio in style. Come help us celebrate patio drinking, dog dates, warm weather (fingers crossed) and most important..... FOOD TRUCKS RE OPENING! That's right, The Mac Shack THE PITA POST Delectabowl Food Truck & Catering & our guest truck for the entire month of April Detroit BBQ Company will ceremoniously open there food truck serving windows promptly at 5pm on Friday to bring in the new Patio year.
We have a lot planned for this weekend, here are some specifics, more to come!

5pm: Food Trucks open the patio
5pm - 9pm: DJ Joe Vargas (Patio set)
5pm: Special Beer Tapping To Be Announced
9pm - 12am: Live Music with Act Casual

11am - 4pm: Patio Disco Brunch with DJ Joe Vargas
11am - 4pm: ****** Mary & Mimosa Bar
12pm - 6pm: Patio Slooshi Bar featuring 6 different Slooshies
5pm: Special Beer Tapping To Be Announced
4pm - 7pm: Live Music with One Love Reggae Band
8pm-11pm: Live Music with Dan Tillery

11am - 4pm: Food Truck Brunch
11am - 4pm: ****** Mary & Mimosa Bar
12pm - 3pm: Live Music with Sami Mei

** This event is weather permitting, please stay tuned for updates.