12. August 2017 - 17:00 till 23:00
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Extras for Music Video | Saturday, 12. August 2017

Need extras for a metal/horror/house party theme music video

the other event was private so people couldnt share, please SHARE & INVITE!

dress as if you are going out to a metal head house party, cleavage out, hair done, need to be okay with getting clothes dirty. You will be on the ground at one point (dead)

It will be explained in detail what the plan is once everyone shows up . We need a total of 40 people, please add friends & family.

Food & Beverages will be provided.
  • What is people's ETA?
  • Where the **** is everyone?
  • Things coming together, food and drinks flowing..so get your asses going!! #Revivalist
  • Brent Kilgore
  • Today's the day! Bring extra outfits just incase!
  • Getting things ready \m/
  • Any specific attire?...or just anything that would be work every day?...
  • We have Konner and celebrating the kids bdays
  • Sorry who was invited to the other event - it was private, this one is public so you can share it! Please Invite & Share.