29. November 2018 - 9:30 till 17:00
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Introduction to NLP & the Art of Super Communication! | Bristol | Thursday, 29. November 2018

This course is for:
Professionals responsible for the education and support of others - coaches, trainers, teachers, Personal Trainers, Health and Wellness coaches, body workers and anyone interested in personal development, training and mentoring.

Are you curious about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and how it can benefit you in your work with others and in your personal life too?

Are you interested in further developing your skills and increasing your confidence as a coach, trainer or teacher?

Would you find it valuable to be able to increase the impact of your communication, to work more effectively with anyone and have them achieve positive results more rapidly and with greater ease?  

Are you passionate about helping others to realise their full potential?

This course will stimulate your mind, develop your senses and add simple yet powerful techniques to your toolkit to give you that 'edge' in your profession.

Highly interactive, practical and fun, there will be opportunities to practice what you're learning throughout the day. You will:

Gain a deeper insight into how and why we think, feel and behave the way we do.

Learn how to achieve instant rapport, connect and build trust with anyone at any time.  

Understand how people communicate unconsciously and learn how to read these messages.

Increase your own self-awareness and develop your own senses to be able to communicate with greater flexibility.

Find out how to use language precisely and consciously so you can communicate in a way that connects more deeply with others and that increases your influence. 

Learn how to create positive states in yourself and others.

Know how to set and achieve goals that light you up and be able to do this with others too.

Get more confidence to deal with difficult people and challenging situations with greater ease.

LIMITED Early Bird places available. Don't miss out, take action and book your place now! Course group size is kept small to enable participants to have individual attention from the trainer.
Further information

Full pre-course information email to ensure you have the most fulfilling and enjoyable learning experience possible.

Handbook of everything we cover, plus a certificate of attendance.

Free parking.

Dress comfortably in layers to adjust for room temperature. Feel free to bring a cushion to put on your seat.

Regular breaks with refreshments provided. Lunch is not included, so please bring your own. 

For payment by installments & direct booking email: info@

Whilst refunds are not given, if you are unable to attend you can defer your booking to the next course but you must notify us by 5pm on the Sunday 4th November. 

A bit about NLP
NLP was developed through observing what works in creating change and creating excellence of behaviour. It's been called a 'users manual for the mind' and is a set of practical techniques and a way of thinking that gets results quickly. It's a way of finding out how the mind really works; how people make decisions and interact with the world. 
It's effective in coaching and training because it enables learning and change to take place at both the conscious and unconscious level at the same time, so producing results more quickly and smoothly. NLP is about finding the difference that makes the difference. It increases choice, is empowering and enables to people to grow and reach their own potential.