13. November 2018 - 19:00 till 20:30
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OWN YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE LOS ANGELES!!! LEARN THE MONEY GAME | 3350 E Birch St | Tuesday, 13. November 2018

                                          MONEY IS JUST A TOOL

But Not Everyone Knows How to Use It And Have It Work For Themselves

We EMPOWER middle America with the KNOWLEDGE of Financial Literacy. This information is not just for the
WEALTHY. Regardless of your occupation, you will have a financial future. Good or Bad. This eye opening
workshop is for individuals that care enough about preparing for their financial futures. 

Our COMPLIMENTARY workshops are designed to educated you on the six steps to financial independence.
1.      Improve your household cashflow
2.      Have a proper emergency fund
3.      Control and manage all your debt
4.      Proper protection for you and your assets
5.      Build wealth for your later years in life
6.      Preserve wealth for your legacy

Reserve your seat NOW or continue to pay for the high cost of WAITING. 
KNOWLEDGE is not POWER unless it is APPLIED!!!

Network with Industry Professionals. Business Casual Attire. Doors Open Promptly at 7pm.